Manufacturing Services


Our long experience in delivering precise, demanding products to the most demanding global industries has created a world class manufacturing facility. We offer the same capabilities we rely on to supply our clients on a contract basis. We work in all modes including:

  1. Client supplied equipment
  2. Client supplied materials
  3. In house material procurement
  4. Complete turn-key solutions

Molded Products

Molding panel MT

At MicroTechnologies our cost effective design solutions often rely on our ability to create the most complex moldings. We believe that components as these are critical to the products we make and therefore trust only ourselves to create them.

  • Material: All Engineering Grade Thermoplastics.
  • Size: 4 oz. 75 Ton Press 8 oz. 200 Ton Press.
  • 0.001 in. min. (0.0254 mm.)


Machined Products

Machined Products

Our investment in state of the art automated CNC machining centers enable Micro Technologies to produce critical components previously unavailable in the region. The quality delivered by these machining centers is unrivaled anywhere in the world and can be utilized to meet the most demanding applications.

  • CNC Milling Centers.
  • CNC Lathes
  • CNC Swiss Turn Centers
  • Wire and Conventional EDM
  • Precision Grinding Centers



MicroTechnologies Costa Rican Tooling Group is arguably the best in the Latin American region and outperforms US based operations in quality, cost, and delivery. We excel in:

  • Precision Progressive Dies
  • Fabricated Components
  • Measurement Equipment
  • Complete Automation Systems


MicroTechnologies also supports component repair and micro-welding, replacement components, and complete maintenance (both routine and emergency) of above.