applianceA broad range of MPL switches help the manufacturers of White Goods meet performance and cost objectives in their design process. MPL pressures switches are utilized by all major OEM appliance manufacturers in a variety of applications to control fill level, monitor venting, guard operating cycles, indicate filter status, and control pumps, lights, blowers and burners. MPL switches allow manufacturers to enhance performance through energy savings, improved efficiency and longer life.


medicalMedical Applications present unique design and performance challenges. When a patient inhales, our cost-effective, reliable pressure switch turns on oxygen, releases medication, or signals breathing to a monitoring system. High reliability, repeatability and very small package size are key criteria for pressure switches utilized in oxygen concentrators, patient monitors, inhalers, nebulizers, blood pressure, and blood filtering. With over a million pressure switches in the field, MPL is a trusted supplier to the leading medical device suppliers for a wide variety of applications.


hvacProtecting our environment and conserving our natural resources is critical for a green future. The trend in today’s heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems is to drive for improved efficiency. There are new electronic control systems to help meet the changing regulations and strict standards for efficiency. MPL’s new line of low pressure sensors provides the necessary feedback for the electronic control system to meet these high efficiency standards and a green environment.


officeIn workplace systems ranging from printers to copiers to large computers, MPL switches control paper handling, ensure cooling for circuit boards, scan checks, lift labels, and monitor ink pressure. MPL switches allow office product manufacturers to enhance performance with a broad range of pressure switches.


autoAutomobiles are built to last longer, provide improved gas mileage and sell at a competitive price. The MPL pressure switch is built to withstand the aggressive, high vibration, broad temperature range found in engine mounted and under hood applications. MPL’s pressure switch technology is ideal for a variety of comfort, chassis system and power train applications. Automotive designers at the leading manufacturers choose MPL products for both air and liquid applications, inside the vehicle and under the hood.

Aerospace & Defense

airplaneMPL products are designed to meet the most demanding aerospace and defense environments. MPL switches fulfill applications in the defense and aerospace industries, for missile, aircraft and warship systems. MPL continues to invest in new pressure switch technology and COTS component technologies to meet the next-generation systems performance and cost goals.

Construction & Agriculture

construction agricultureLeading manufacturers of agriculture and construction equipment choose MPL products to monitor engine, drive train and hydraulic systems because MPL pressure switch are built to withstand the aggressive, high vibration and broad temperature range. MPL air pressure switches monitor engine air filters, and specialized differential fluid filters control transmission and hydraulic systems. The world’s best tractors, harvesters and construction machines trust MPL switches.

Food Service

foodserviceMPL understands the special needs of the food service Industry and has been making them a part of our product solutions for almost 35 years. MPL products are at work, in commercial ovens, ranges, fryers, ice machines, gas grills, pizza makers, beverage dispensers, floor polishers, and many other restaurant systems.